Iraq Vendor Managed Inventory

Iraq vendor managed inventory is an additional service our team in Siraj Naybur can offer.

This service perfectly complements the distribution arm of our Basrah based organisation, where we hold a wide range of products tailored, through years of experience of operating within Iraq and the surrounding area, to the needs of our varied clients and the sectors they operate in including oil, gas, petrochemical and industrial.

However, through our years of operating within Iraq we recognise that not one inventory solution is suitable for every client, and we therefore operate a flexible approach to inventory management adapting our customers specific requirements.

This flexibility enables us to offer bespoke vendor managed inventory solutions.


Managed Consignment Stock

Tailored to our customers exact requirements, the philosophy behind Siraj Naybur managing consignment stock is to reduce the potential of our clients experiencing zero or low stock levels of project critical items.

Agreed items of stock are held at our clients’ premises and invoiced upon use. Our experienced stock management professionals constantly monitor material usage, replenishing to agreed levels at predetermined intervals.

This vendor managed inventory process increases our clients cash flow, reduces overheads and increases production by reducing the likelihood of stoppages due to stock issues.

Customer Call off Stock

This allows our customers to place a large order for specific stock, which we hold at our premises and deliver to the customer as and when desired.

This option gives our customers piece of mind that essential operating items will always be available when required but without having to store them on site (which may not be suitable for storage purposes) with the additional advantage of not being invoiced for them until they have been delivered.


We offer our customers a managed Kanban system, which can be either a 2 or 3 bin system dependant on your requirements. Siraj Naybur’s experienced team will manage the bins and will replenish empty bins up to an agreed quantity – again ensuring that the particular product will never go out of stock.

This can be done on a daily or weekly basis dependant on our customer requirements.

Managed Cable Laydown Yards

Siraj Naybur are able to offer our customers, and have a proven track record of operating, cable laydown yards, managed by our own experienced on-site operatives.

Managed On-site Store Facilities

We can offer our customers on-site managed store facilities. Stock items are maintained at agreed levels at customer premises and staffed by our personnel – the stock you require is always at the location you want, increasing productivity and reducing the chances of running out of critical items.

Vendor Managed Inventory is an important additional service offered to our customers. The use of our experienced staff to manage your stock will result in improved stock management and increased productivity.